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I Have Always Got Your Back


Every kid’s bag needs to be body fit so that we can call it a comfortable bag for schools. I am designed considering the child's posture, how much weight can be allocated equally and absolute comfort, always.

Every day, classes change, mood changes, games change - so why arrange the bag in the same way? I come with many compartments. Pick the day, pick the style, you are ready with everything that you need, child!

I looooveeee colors. I love scribbling and, the last page of your notebook too. I know you love them. Why not pick me in your favorite color?

We’ll grow up together! (customisable fit)

I am as light as

cotton candy

(Weight distribution)

Let me promise you something:  I will grow with you. When you need more space, I will give you space. When you want to adjust, I will adjust with you. I am your buddy, I am your sidekick :D

Kids should not take pressure,

period — not of homework, assignments or the future. I claim this only because I don’t give them any pressure. A weightless bag is a TekTik (or technique) to be followed!

I come with chambers of secrets ;)


Tippy tippy top,

which color do you want?

Anytime, anyhow,anywhere-01.jpg

Get into my


of secret

I'm more than just a bag, I'm your buddy! When it's time for class, I can carry your favourite notebooks and color boxes. When it's picnic time, I can hold your favourite chips, tiffin and games, too!

Let’s become BFFs

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Tektik lifestyle makes products you'll love for life.
We design durable, delightful & dynamic products
for daily use.

We aim to revolutionise our relationship with the
daily objects around us. We plan on creating longlasting products that grow along with you.

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Address:  Tektik Lifestyle, Arihant 15th Road, 

                 Bandra West, Mumbai - 400050

Phone:       +91 75062 94339

Email:        service@tektik.net

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