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Porta Pack

An easy-to-attach Porta Pack for all your activities. Be it running, football or just an extra pair of clothes, there's extra space for your field trip.

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Shoe Bag

Why dirty the whole school bag?  

Keep your shoes in a dedicated  

shoe bag during sports days.

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Flexi Pad

Attend your exams with swag. Carry  

your exam pad and stationary, and  

ace the exams in style.

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Rain Cover

Enjoy the monsoons because your bag is covered.  There’s no water getting in for  


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Need more space? No problem! There’s always more when you need one.

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2 in 1 waist belt
cum shoulder strap

Use it as a waist belt to hold tight to your  

school bag or switch to a shoulder strap for  

your buddy bag.

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